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Holidays and home selling

Here is your dilemma…your house is on the market and the holidays are quickly approaching.  So what do you do with your holiday decorations?  Simple answer…you can still decorate for the holidays while your house is on the market, but you must remember 1 thing…MODERATION!  Keep it simple and not go over the top.  You still want potential buyers to be able to navigate your home without running into holiday decorations or knocking items over.  You might have to scale back on some of your normal decorations, but keep this in mind…once you get into your new house, you can go wild with those decorations.  Scaling back on 1 holiday and getting your home sold is well worth the price of a few less decorations.   So keep this tidbit in mind when decorating your home for the holidays if you also have your home on the market!  Here is wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!!

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