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What is home staging?

Staging is an investment that is always less expensive than lowering your asking price or keeping your home on the market longer.

In the simplest terms, Home Staging is preparing a house for sale, so that it sells in the fastest time and at the best price. Preparing a house for sale includes de-cluttering, de-personalizing and neutralizing. Neutralizing does not mean painting all of the walls white and taking out all of the personality. The house still needs to feel homey and warm, not sterile and cold. Staging emphasizes the home's best features - granite countertops, cathedral ceilings, a fabulous view, large rooms, etc.

Home Staging is simply making a house appealing, without making the homeowner's tastes and preferences obvious. You want a potential buyer to walk into your home and not automatically know your political views, what trinkets you collect, how many children you have, whether you are a dog person or cat person, etc., etc., etc. You want buyers to walk in and be able to imagine THEIR furniture and THEIR personal items in the space.

A common myth is that staging is simply decorating. Home Staging is NOT decorating. Decorating indicates using the client's personal taste. Staging is the opposite of decorating. Staging is de-personalizing so that the home appeals to the widest pool of potential buyers. But, we use the homeowner's own furniture and accessories, thereby limiting the cost.

The following analogy may help make my point clearer:

Compare staging your house to selling your car. Would you leave your CD collection, extra shoes, loose change, etc. in your car if you were selling? Would you advertise it for sale covered in dust and mud? NO - you would clean out [de-clutter] your car and have it detailed [washed and vacuumed] before selling. That is exactly what home staging is - detailing your house to prepare it for sale.

The following are just some of the benefits of Home Staging:

  • A staged home sells quicker and for more money than a non-staged home.
  • Realtors save money on marketing/open houses, etc. as the home is on the market for much less time.
  • Appraisers look more favorably on staged homes, as they appear well maintained.
  • Buyers are able to mentally place their furniture and "move-in", which leads to that quicker sale.