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This political season

I know that this election in particular, has many people feeling very vocal about their support.  Signs in yards are abundant, and that is the wonderful thing about this country — freedom of speech.  However, when it comes to selling your house, the political signs, shrines and banners need to be put away.  Your political views could very easily prevent you from selling your home.  This is part of the “neutralize” that I so often talk about and preach.  I know this is not a popular way of thinking, but in my opinion, I would rather sell my house quickly and for more money, than to ensure everyone who rides by knows who I am voting for and the direction of my political affiliation!  Bigger picture people…think about it!

Quite possibly the last holdout…

So I have heard over and over from friends, colleagues…even strangers about Pinterest.  But I held out.  And those people kept saying “you have to try to it.  It is so addictive.”  And from what I understand, there are some people that need a Pintervention!  But I finally gave in last weekend and signed on to check it out.  I now get it!!  It is loaded with some very interesting, odd, unexpected things…that keeps you wanting to Pin everything!!  It’s great!  I have already found some great ideas to use when staging and redesigning…so I figure it is worth it for that alone.  So kudos to the creator of Pinterest!  I am converted!  And I suggest everyone else out there try it too.  Happy pinning!

Fall has started…unofficially that is!

The kids are back to school and vacation is over. They say spring is the time of renewal, but if you are like me…fall feels like that time of renewal for me. It’s a good time to get your house back together or start a new project. How about redesigning that room that you just never use. You know the room…the one you walk by everyday and think ” I have GOT to do SOMETHING with that room.” The room turns into a catch all…you plan on putting something there for just a short time but that item is still there a year later. Or maybe your office needs a redesign. Is your office not visually appealing? Is the feeling you get welcoming? Or is the feeling you get overwhelming?

Redesign…that is the word of the season!!

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