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My latest project…

Hello!  I am posting some pictures from my latest project.  This was again for a senior living facility where we staged a model room.  It is amazing how a little bit of furniture can create a feeling of space within an empty room.  See what you think…

If the facility had left this room vacant, no one would have believed they could get this much furniture in there, comfortably.  We put in a twin bed, bed side table, dresser with TV, armchair and ficus tree.  It is true what they say…vacant rooms appear smaller than furnished rooms.  What better way to advertise a room for potential residents!


Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal!

First of all…where did the month of April go?  I feel like I blinked and April was gone and May showed up.  But, now that May is here and Mother’s Day has come and gone, the flowers and trees will be in full bloom!  Take advantage of Mother Nature’s freebies to help make the outside of your home look camera ready.  Staging does not just mean the inside of the home.  If we stage the inside, and neglect the outside…potential buyers will never see the beautiful inside, because they won’t be able to get past the unappealing outside.  Curb appeal is so important!  We stage not only the inside, but the outside as well.  It is amazing what a little fresh mulch and some brightly colored potted plants will do to perk up a tired front porch.  You want buyers to imagine themselves enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch or an after dinner drink on the back patio.  The key is to keep the outside camera ready.  It doesn’t have to look like it is going to be photographed in Southern Living, but it should be attractive and well kept.  So keep the plants watered, the trees trimmed and the weeds at bay!  Remember, you can’t sell it if they can’t see it!

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